A Brief History Of Commercial Real Estate In America

April 14, 2020

The revolutionary idea of an open market for the purchase of land goes beyond Utah apartments and is in its nature universally American. During the colonial period, land was used in commerce to barter almost as frequently as the dollar bill is today. Still, with the idea of something being an “asset,” anything that holds value or begs demand can be used as a sort of pseudo currency. As such, the humble beginnings of the American real estate market are built and have thrived for centuries.

The 20th Century can be considered the formal birth period of the commercial real estate market. As banks began to issue mortgages to citizens to by homes, the need for realtors and opportunities to capitalize reared itself into contemporary life. Soon, the formation of The National Association Of Real Estate Exchanges commenced, and since then realtors have actively participated in the purchase and sale of property.

In cities like New York, the commercial real estate market is a staple of the American capitalistic system. Every day, new deals are reached, buildings are transformed, and businesses of all kinds thrive. Commercial real estate can be considered the backbone of all industry in American cities, continually facilitating the creation of unique spaces and beautiful new buildings to ornament the skyline.

Commercial real estate as an industry thrives on the demand for apartments, storefronts, manufacturing, and retirement living. Almost every commercial building you see is a product of a deal struck with the assistance of a realtor. The job of a realtor is to facilitate a fair deal between the seller and the buyer so that both parties benefit equally. In most cases, it is inadvisable for a seller to arrive at a deal with a buyer without a realtor to offer professional advice and consultation. Realtors are experts in the real estate market and are trained to utilize their expertise to reach the a fair price point.

The Yellow Stone Group combines a dominant track record and extensive market knowledge to offer first-class services to our valued clients. We pride ourselves on employing a personalized approach for each client to ensure they achieve their goals. By listening intently to the needs of every client, we are able to devise an individualized plan for success. Please reach out to us today and learn more about how we can help you thrive.

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